The guide to loans offers: discover all types

The Italian market, together with the French and Belgian markets, are the main ones from which the best revenues for the French group derive and it was with the purchase that it succeeded in pursuing a commercial strategy based on the offer of appetizing credit and financial products with a purely traditional content “core” products and the most innovative ones with high added value and a source of high mark ups for families, professionals, private companies and public bodies.

A range of loan offers to meet all your financial needs


On the site of the credit institution it is possible to have a real culture of the range of financial loan offers that can be found and “customized” according to one’s own financing needs ; if we are private individuals, families, private or public employees, students, pensioners, we can benefit from and choose from a rather complete range of products designed for us. Let’s see them in detail.

Student loans

Student loans

They are aimed at financing a university or academic course of study to obtain a three-year degree, a post- graduate Master’s degree or a Specialization Course; for this finalized financing it is possible to choose between three different customized products:

  • the XZY product with a fixed-rate loan (Taeg = 3.97%) that allows for an amount ranging from 500 to 3000 euros to be used to finance school expenses, those for the purchase of an instructive course (language , of computer science), to book a study trip abroad with the possibility of duration from 6 to 12 months;
  • the XZY Loan product made available to meet the needs of young students who want to obtain a university degree or post- graduate degree who are guaranteed with a surety by third parties, this is a financial product that requires a variable pre-amortization period from one to three years with fixed rate, amounts up to 20000 euros and with repayment terms up to ten years;
  • the product XZY Loan Discount & Praise which allows you to obtain a loan amount up to 20000 euros with repayment duration up to 120 installments and with a variable and rewarding interest rate established on the basis of the average curriculum of university students.

Personal loans for private employees

Personal loans for private employees

It is the type of loan suitable for private employees who have to face a purchase of a good / service, face an urgent expense and finance a project: it is the new XZY financial product, the fixed rate loan for amounts up to 100000 euros, possibility to customize the monthly payment according to customer needs, duration up to ten years, possibility after one year to request the suspension of one or more installments in case the debtor fails to properly fulfill the contracted obligation , right to request, starting from the sixth month of repayment of the loan, a new donation of financial resources based on outstanding credit.

Loans for public employees

The loans for public employees are designed for the public employment and for pensioners (from the public sector) with the possibility of obtaining an amount of up to 100,000 euros, of personalizing the monthly payment according to customer needs, lasting up to ten years, possibility, after one year, to request the suspension of one or more installments in the event that the debtor is unable to correctly fulfill the contracted obligation, the right to request, starting from the sixth month of repayment of the loan, a new supply of financial resources based on the outstanding credit (reload option).

Loans for energy efficiency

This is the XZY Family product designed to finance 100% of the project to improve the energy level of your home up to a maximum of € 100,000 to replace fixtures, install new heating systems, for solar panels with subsidized rates, benefiting from tax breaks and a free energy check-up aimed at estimating the benefits compared to the costs incurred. It is possible to repay the loan up to a maximum of ten years and after six months from the beginning of the repayment of the debt you can request the granting of an additional loan amount based on your creditworthiness (Option reload).

XZY W sports loan

The XZY W Sport Loan is designed to finance gym membership, participate in a sports course or purchase sports equipment, is a fixed rate financial loan (Taeg = 3.97%) with the possibility of obtaining an amount varying from 500 to 3000 euros to be returned within a year.

XZY loan Adopt

The XZY Adottami loan is the form of loan suitable for facilitating those who want to adopt a child in collaboration with the Association of Friends of Children (AIBI) taking advantage of the advantageous fixed rate with a repayment term of up to ten years.

In addition to this wide range of loans designed to meet every need, those who hold a pension or are a state or public employee can benefit from the sale of the fifth with the XZY since the latter operates in collaboration with the INPS.