Mini Loan with a Longer Duration

Not only is there a high demand for mini-loans, but there is even more demand for a mini-loan with a longer duration because a lot of people still have problems paying back in a short period of, for example, 15 days. Of course, depending on the amount you received, but it appears that a high amount from 500 euros is a lot harder to repay than a lower amount. How can you ensure that you get a somewhat longer-term so that you have more room to better arrange the repayment of a small amount.


The mini loan with longer-term

Mini loan with longer term

Let’s look at the most popular amounts that are being requested for a small credit. You can see that amounts of around 300 euros turn out to be the most popular, which is not surprising in itself because the repayment of such amounts does not cause too many problems. If your salary is transferred to you at the end of the month, there is a possibility to pay off the borrowed amount in one go, you may need to take it easy this month, but at least you are there from then. Other durations you can choose from are 30 days and 45 days, longer is unfortunately not yet possible.


Compare providers

Compare providers

Fortunately, in the Netherlands, you will find several providers of a small loan, on this website a special page has been created: Request a mini loan. On this page, you will find several providers so that you are able to compare what suits you best. If you are going to see what is most favorable for your situation, then it is of course also important to pay attention to the costs that are charged.


Interest to be paid

Mini loan with longer term

We can be short about the interest that is charged, this may never be higher than the legally determined maximum. But there are other things that deserve your attention, for example, money is requested if you want a loan to be paid extra quickly and you have to take out insurance with others that you cannot ignore.


Mini loan without credit check review

Regarding the credit check review, all providers use the same system, a credit check is done, but there is no testing at the credit check, so you can borrow money without problems without a credit check. Of course, it remains important that you have sufficient income to be able to repay your loan without any problems, you must also be able to prove this with a recent payslip or a bank statement that states that your wages are paid. Nowadays it is also possible to take a selfie with the required paperwork. If you do this in this way, your application will be viewed faster.


Information is also important

Before you decide to take out any kind of loan, it is important that you take a good look at the risks involved. Take a look at the website of the government about borrowing money, you will also find a checklist here so that you can judge for yourself whether you are doing well. Because remember, borrowing money also costs money.