Apply Credit for Vacation

There are not only many different loans, but there are also countless possibilities for applying for a loan. You have to ask yourself a few things about this. How quickly do you need a credit and what will you use it for? Read in the article how you can do this quickly and without problems.


Apply for credit where can I go

Apply for credit where can I go

Let us start by explaining what credits are available and what they are meant for individually. After this you can choose which credit you will apply for and whether you want to do that online or rather at the bank where you are already a customer. This is usually more expensive than when you arrange it online. But the most important thing is to find the right credit for your purpose.


Apply for credit without credit check

Apply for credit without BKR

The most common loans start from an amount of around 2,500 to around 80,000 euros, for a loan for buying a house you naturally end up with a mortgage . For all this type of credit, you cannot have a negative credit check registration, if you have such a report then you are not eligible for these ‘large’ credits. If you want to apply for a loan without a credit check, read below to see what options are still available for you.


Revolving credit

A revolving credit is purely intended to ensure that you have money in hand to be able to absorb any setbacks. You can also take out a revolving credit for smaller jobs around the house. This credit is less suitable for making a large expense in one go, such as buying a car, a boat, or another expensive product. When using a revolving credit you should mainly think about major maintenance of your car, something that needs to be replaced urgently and maintenance on important things that you have in house.


Apply for ongoing credit

Apply for ongoing credit

When taking out a revolving credit, you have to take into account a number of things. 

1. The interest is variable during the entire term. 

2. Once you have repaid the amounts you can withdraw them. 

3. There is no fixed term for which the credit must be repaid. 

4. You must always pay at least the interest to be paid each month. 

5. No negative credit check registration.


A revolving credit can easily be taken out online, there is no personal contact and requested papers can be sent by email. The interest that you have to pay differs per provider, but is around 5%.


Calculate personal loan

Calculate personal loan

A personal loan is meant to be able to make a large expense in one go, for example for buying a car, a boat or a caravan. 

The following rules apply when applying for a personal loan. 

1. The interest is fixed throughout the loan. 

2. Once you have repaid amounts you can NOT withdraw them. 

3. There is a fixed duration (usually around 5 years). 

4. You pay interest and a part of the repayment per month. 

5. Also for the personal loan you cannot have a negative credit check registration.


To apply for a personal loan, there is a lot to offer online, compare this and look for the provider with the lowest interest rate.


Apply for a loan without a credit check review

Apply for a loan

As mentioned at the beginning of this article, you are not eligible for a revolving credit or a personal loan if you have a negative credit check. you can still go for a mini loan , where you can borrow a modest amount of up to 800 euros for a short period of up to 45 days. With the mini loan it does not matter if you have a credit check registration have. You must be at least 21 years old and have a minimum income of 900 euros net per month.


Apply for a mini loan

Taking out a mini-loan can only be done online, all the papers that are requested can be sent by e-mail and personal contact is not needed here either. Requesting is easy and fast, you have applied for it within 5 minutes. It is a quote, so you can always decide later not to do it, you will not be charged.